Simple Pleasures

“Wake up in the morning, with hair so frizzy,

Put my glasses on, I’m out of bed

Want to pet my kitty!

Brush my teeth before I leave with a tube of Colgate,

Cause when I leave for the night, I’ll be back ’round eight.”


I don’t like sleeping in.  I lived for ten years needing to get up at the crack of dawn, or at least six or seven o’ clock, so I’ve just gotten used to it.  On the boat, I would get up early to beat the heat, and to sneak a few hours playing on the computer before anyone else wanted to use it (we only had one brick of a laptop for all that time.)  Back in the states, it was my job to walk the dog, who needed to go at 6:00 sharp every morning.  I always had to be really quiet when I went out, or my sisters would get mad at me. 

I think this has led me to a lifestyle of conservative pleasures.  You would think, with a background as diverse as mine, I would have a more adventurous range of activities.  I have been to every continent except Africa and Antarctica, after all.  And, while my imagination can romanticize my self-image now and then, I happily admit that I am very Hobbit-like in my disposition.

I prefer to have a set pattern, a predictability and order.  I am perfectly happy eating the same thing for breakfast, and lunch, for months on end.   Dinner is allowed to be more diverse, but still a fairly narrow range of easy-to-make options. 

I could say that I enjoy writing and reading, but the reality with my student schedule is that I have little time to do that, other than reading and writing for school.  I would spend almost all of my time on the boat reading, however.  What I do mostly nowadays are videogames.  I am making up for eight years or so of only being allowed to play educational games, during which I missed out on most of the major players like Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and others.  I’m still not as knowledgable as other ‘nerds’ (just try to watch me play with a controller instead of a mouse and keyboard… It’s pathetic)  but I’m catching up, and I have my own tastes.  I prefer games with a degree of freedom, so usually I play fantasy RPG’s or strategy.  They allow me to play out the heroic side of my personality while my day-to-day life remains comfortable and ordinary.

I think the only thing I miss about not living with my dad for now are my animals.  I’m renting a house that doesn’t allow pets, so it has been a bit of an ordeal without my cat and my dog.  I could live without my dad’s dog, he did a bad job training her so while she can be a sweetie, she is enormously badly behaved.  But one of the more liberating experiences for me was just to take my dog, who I will identify as Wooster, out to the dog park and play around with him.  I hate exercise for exercise’s sake alone, I prefer to have some kind of fun out of it.  While I’m not in the best shape, at least my high metabolism has kept me from getting worse than I am.

As someone who has experienced so much, I am a dabbler in a great many hobbies and activities, though I find it hard to commit to any one thing.  I can claim sewing, fencing, drawing, archery, and piano and harmonica playing as activities I can do passably, but I have never delved into with sufficient depth to actually become talented.  This is similar to many communities I have tried to join with that I am just not able to fit in with because I am not steeped in it- anime clubs, gaming communities, GLBT societies, hell, even the local BDSM culture (though, to be fair, this was largely because I felt my local bondage group was not imaginative or creative enough for me. 🙂 ). 

I’ve probably gone on a bit too long, but I think the important message is to let yourself be happy with the little things.  Your mind can be swirling with a thousand different ideas, activities, worries, and possibilities, but for ten seconds you can just sweep it aside when you see your Wooster bouncing back with a tennis ball in his mouth.


Introduction to Myself

I am not sure what to expect for this blog so far, other than maybe a place for self-reflection and a record of how I feel about my current lifestyle.  This post will be a brief introduction for people to know where I’m coming from.

Currently, I am a transgender person, male to female.  This is just one more weird thing in a life that has been really weird already.  I have been only pursuing this for a month or so, but I have already done so much research and have already found a lot of acceptance in myself and the few people I’ve discussed this with.  Since there’s not a lot of progress, I’m not going to put any pictures up, cause I haven’t done hardly anything other than let my hair grow.

I am studying to be an archaeologist, will be graduating in May, going on to graduate school after that (hopefully.)  I am interested in medieval historical archaeology, especially in Scandinavia, but my backup plans are Caribbean archaeology, or South American archaeology.  Barring that, I could easily become a history teacher or professor, and, if worst comes to worst, a librarian.

I was homeschooled or working with my family from the age of ten to about twenty, living in the Caribbean on a boat for five years and living with my family in Florida and Eureka Springs in an art gallery for the other five.  I only came back into society when I enrolled in a community college for degrees in History and Criminal Justice.  I remained extremely reclusive, only really growing when I was under the guidance and interacting with people in my first ‘solo’ job, at the college library.

Anyway, I get really tired of going over my life story over and over again, so I will put further details as necessary for my frame of reference.  While I am proud of my past and had an amazing experience and childhood, and would not change it, it has brought up a significant set of issues that I am dealing with in the present.  Hopefully, this blog will be a tool to help me analyze myself, as well as a source of entertainment or solace for people who happen to stumble upon it.